Malayeen Space

MALAYEEN.SPACE was conceived by Leyya Mona Tawil and developed in collaboration with Andrej Hrončo. It exists as part of Lime Rickey International’s Noise & Nation – an accumulation of transmissions that attend to migration, temporality and a post-border dream.

An interactive audio experience in itself, Malayeen.Space also generates a community sound archive of the diasporic imagination. The song that plays back is modulated by the participant’s unique answers. The audio transformations are governed by the distance (in km) between you and the location of your song’s origin, your distance in time to this place, and the song’s intent.


Audio-Visual exploration of the passing of time in oneself in relation to nature.

Cyclical phases of entropy

8 Channel Surround Sound System
Lapsteel Guitar & Effects
Synthesizers & Samples
Dynamic Visuals

Pele and Plastiglomerate

Sound design / music score for Pele and Plastiglomerate, an installation / video / interactive experience that meditates on the materiality of lava, the spirituality embedded within, and potentialities for new material rituals. It considers biodegradable bioplastics wrapped around rocks and on the body as new skins – as both offerings and protection, and sites of healing. It repositions satellite data next to lava flows to re-envision spiritual practices and healing in these continuously transformed landscapes of the island.

Two-channel video with audio, 3D models, 3D printed sculpture, bioplastics, rocks, digital prints on chiffon


Sound design for Cyanovisions, a short film led by Tiare Ribeaux with filmmaker Jody Stillwater that explores our relationship to our changing environment. It looks deeply into life as a complex systems on micro and macro scales, climate change and harmful algae blooms, microbial life, experiments in gene editing, synthetic biology and more. It will blur the line between science fact and science fiction, and imagine more symbiotic and multi-species futures.

Sonify Your Birthday

Sonify Your Birthday was conceived in honor of Pauline Oliveros’ 85th birthday in 2017. Interactive website conceived by and created for Brenda Hutchinson.

The structure of the piece is based on several simultaneous cycles: the day, the year, 7 and 12 year cycles and ultimately the single 85-year cycle for Pauline’s birthday in 2017. In order to complete the sonfication of the 85-year cycle, all cycles must be represented by sounds. This will automatically occur, once 84 sounds have been uploaded according to the criteria outlined in the score.